Pelvic Floor Workshop
Pelvic Floor Health, a workshop for professionals

Thank you for taking an interest in our Post Natal Pelvic Floor Workshop.

Date: 6th October 2019
Venue: Finesse Movement Maynooth
Time: 9.45am registration 10am - 5pm
Cost: €198 early bird available until 29th September

More Information about the Course

    This course is suitable for Pilates Instructors, Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists & Fitness Trainers who work with postnatal women. 

    Remember, "once post natal, always post natal" anon.

    You can expect to learn:

    • How to screen for common Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD)
    • Be able to identify red flags & know when and who to refer to
    • What Intra-Abdominal Pressure is and how to manage it – understand how different exercises and positions have different IAP implications
    • Suitable exercises  to strengthen the pelvic floor
    • How to modify exercise for those experiencing (PFD)
    • Simple strategies and resources for ‘downtraining’ an 'overactive' Pelvic Floor
    • How to progress your training programme using Pilates methods:

    Key Takeaways for the day.  

    • Be able to screen your client for potential pelvic dysfunction and know when to refer if required.
    • Be confident training your postnatal client safely, at whatever stage they are at.
    • Have a repertoire of suitable exercises to get you started, based in the Pilates method

    Your hosts:

    Leah Bryans, MISCP Chartered Physiotherapists in Women's Health & Pilates Instructor (Bio)

    Eleanor Finn, MIAPT Physical Therapist & Pilates Instructor

    Leah Bryans ISCP
    Eleanor Finn MIAPT
    Leah Byrans Physiotherapy Logo
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